Friday, May 14, 2010

I am in KK 人在亚庇

Many legionaries would be looking for me this weekend at the Marian Congress held at Wisma MCA Kuala Lumpur (15/16 May).

How can former Regia President absent from such a big event? not supporting?

Very often, some legionaries, some with genuine concern and some not, asking me "why didn't see you at the xxx function?", "are you still in the Legion?"," are you still an active member?"

I am blogging now at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Yes, I am here to attend my God-daughter Cecilia Hooi's wedding tomorrow but planned a year ago. I booked my air ticket a year ago too.

My son Jonathan who has been working in KK since September 2008, gave us a surprise when he picked us up at the airport -- he is being transferred to Melaka branch. He is to report for duty at his new post on 23-5-2010 to fill the held vacant position.

KK may be removed from my frequent destination soon ....

Sun set view from the hotel room

这个周末在吉隆坡马华大夏举行的『 圣母大会』里,会有很多圣母军团员在找我。(15及16日)


很多时候遇到一些团员,有些关心的,有些则不是,他们问到:“那天xxx活动,没看到你?”, “你还有在圣母军吗?”, “你现在还很活跃吗?”。


我的儿子政安 Jonathan, 在这里工作也将近两年了。当他到机场接我们的时候,给了我们一个惊奇:他将会被调往马六甲分行服务,并需在本月二十三号报到,填补空置的职位。

看来,亚庇将会从我 “常拜访” 的地点除名了。。。


Adeline said...

Yea man, dad. I'll miss visiting KK :-( and everything.. *sob sob* byeeeee KK!

queen_of_bee said...

wah wah wah, so nice. cuti cuti malaysia again!

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