Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother of Mother's day 母亲节的母亲

Today is Ascension Thursday, it commemorates Christ's Ascension into heaven 40 days after his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

My wife and I attended the 7:00 am Mass, using Father George's words, to bid farewell to Jesus ... his departure from this earth to take up the rightful place in Heaven.

After breakfast, we bought 2 packets of Nasi Lemak to visit Andrew whose wife Ann has been admitted to Kajang Hospital few days ago due to mild heart attack. (hopefully you won't say why so cheap one, nasi lemak only! It is the thought that counts)

At the gate, we were surprised to see Ann sweeping the porch! She is home.

She has undergone many tests including CT heart scan at the National Heart Institute (IJN), Kuala Lumpur. She is a little weak but otherwise doing fine and would go back for the test results in a few weeks time. It was suspected that her heart condition was related to her rheumatoid conditions. She also suffers from knee pain (her knee condition is worse than mine).

Andrew, himself suffered from some medical conditions, complained that he could not sleep during her wife's one week absence from home. He missed his wife! ( I did not tell him that my wife is leaving me for six weeks to Europe!)

Surely not only Andrew missed his wife, their two children at home ( the eldest girl has married) also missed their mom too.

Ann is a devoted wife and mother. Besides having a career as a staff nurse in Kajang hospital, she attends to the needs of her family with utmost dedication and love.

She is kind and helpful. Whenever a friend, or a friend's friend admitted to hospital, she would unhesitatingly offer her helping hands.

She was in hospital and missed the Mother's day celebration, but surely she is THE mother of the Mother's day!

May God bless her a speedy recovery.



我们用过早餐后,买了两包椰浆饭,打算去探望朋友安德鲁(Andrew),因为他的太太安娜(Ann) 因轻微的心脏病而进了加影医院。(请勿嘲笑我们孤寒,只买两包经济的椰浆饭。。。礼轻情意重吧!)。


她在医院做了很多的检查,包括到吉隆坡国家心脏中心(IJN) 作心脏扫描。目前她虽然有点虚弱,但都算是还好。她将在几个星期后,到回医院复诊及告知检验的报告。医生怀疑她的心脏病发作,是与她的严重风湿有关。除了心脏有问题,她还受到严重风湿病的折磨,而且她的双脚膝盖也痛,情况比我的还更糟。

安德鲁 Andrew 本身也有健康的问题。他向我们投诉,在太太住院的一个星期里,他不曾有好睡过。原来他想念太太!(我没告诉他,我的太太即将离我一个半月,到欧洲去!)


Ann 安娜的确是一位好太太及母亲。她本身是加影政府医院的一位护士长,但也对家庭一切所需,照顾的无微不至。




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Cecilia Chin said...

Knew it when login to FB. Pray to Mother Mary for Ann's good health and continue to bless her, Andrew and family. Thanks Simon for posting it.