Wednesday, May 12, 2010

坦然接受 Postitve attitude



贵明兄是光仁的员工。他在一年多前就被验出有前列腺问题,接受药物治疗。一个多月前,动了手术,割除膀胱旁边的肿瘤,但被证实有初期癌细胞。经过多次的进出医院,他人也消瘦了些。他将在本月十八号再到回医院,接受CT Scan 的检验,然后医生会决定是否要割除膀胱。


他也接受中药的辅助治疗,目前的精神很好,心态也很开朗。他告诉我,在接受CT 扫描之后,就会到光仁上班了。






My young friends at family Rosary

This afternoon, I visited Dominic at his house in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

It is quite a difficult place to find with many housing estates in Segambut area. But with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), I have no problem to be at his door step slightly after 3:00 pm as planned.

Dominic is a staff of Cahaya Puri Holdings Sdn Bhd ( Guang Ren Service Center). About a year and a half ago, he was suffering from swelling of prostate and received treatment at the University Hospital in Petaling Jaya. One and a half month ago, he underwent an operation to remove growths at the urinary bladder. It was confirmed cancerous (initial stage) through biopsy.

He has been in out of the hospital many times and affected him physically and mentally. He has lost much weight. He is going back to hospital on May 18 for CT Scan to determine whether his bladder needed to be removed.

Initially he was scared and worry after being informed of the test result. Through counseling and encouragement of friends, he accepted his condition with positive attitude including the result of future medical tests and treatments.

He is currently reading a book written by a Taiwan doctor who is a caner survivor entitled:『Thank God I am still living』. He gained many knowledge about cancer and treatment, philosophy of life, courage and motivation in fighting the sickness.

He is also receiving Chinese medication treatment. He looked sprite and cheerful. He told me hopefully would be back to work after the CT scan.

We wish him well and may God bless him success in his treatment towards a speedy recovery.

During my visit, he received a call from a friend informing him of an old friend has been admitted to hospital for liver cancer.

Let us all during the month of May, the month of Rosary, pray for all the sick people and their families, peace and strength in their time of need.


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