Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sr. Marie Aimee's profession 玛利亚(金燕)修女发愿 (英文版)

On Sunday, the second day in Taipei, we celebrated Pentecost Sunday Mass at the chapel in the Convent. The celebrant was 83 years old Fr. Liu who had spent 7 years in the College General Penang for his priestly formation. Fr. Ku and Fr. Yu from Melaka-Johor Diocese were among his classmates.

It was expected to be an exciting day. I was going to meet Sr. Marie for the first time in more than 6 years....

There are 2 Carmelite Monasteries in Taiwan, one in Taipei and a branch in Shen Keng (means deep hole in Mandarin). There are more than 20 nuns in Taipei monastery and 13 in Shen Keng. Sr. Marie is attached to Shen Keng Monastery.

The monastery is not in a deep hole or valley but on a hill surrounded by forest.

Hui Na and I left for the monastery immediately after breakfast and arrived there at noon. It was her big day, so Sr. Marie was allowed to see us (oversea visitors) upon our arrival.

She didn't change much...still jovial, cheeky and smiling. She looked blessed and serene.

"Uncle Simon, were you angry with me?.... I was expecting your visit last year during the Legion fellowship in Taipei ........ I am so happy to see you today!..."

I asked for her forgiveness and chatted...reminiscing her time in Kajang ...friends.... and ........ oooopsssss .... the house I promised her as wedding present!!!

I have to change the subject and asking her about her life in the monastery. I am happy to see her living out her vocation happily in the monastery.

"I must introduce you to the Archbishop of Taipei... he is such a kind and warm person ... " He was referring to Archbishop Hong whom I had met last year during our Taipei Legion Fellowship.

Sr. Marie's mother, elder sister and younger brother were in Taipei to attend her Solemn Profession. Archbishop Hong was so kind to look into their needs personally including hosting dinner for them at his residence, checking on them to make sure they were comfortable, assigning certain people to care for them ... and let them use his car and driver wherever and whenever they required.

We chatted for almost 2 hours and had to stop for her to get ready for the ceremony at 3:00 pm.

Looking at the photos of friends

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