Friday, June 11, 2010

Bon voyage 旅途愉快

12 years ago, my wife left for Germany for her advance German language course. It was the opening day of the 1996 FIFA World Cup held in France. (my wife said so but could be four years earlier)

Our children were younger then. I had to take over the job of a mother for about 2 months during her absence.

Today, the opening day of 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, my wife and two children, Adeline and Jonathan, left tonight on a 9:00pm flight for Paris, then to England to visit our youngest daughter Elizabeth in Aberdeen, Scotland.

And I am free and relax... but still have to look after 5 dogs..!

Bon Voyage .... and may God bless you all a wonderful holiday!
(correct photo date is 11-06-2010)

12 年前,太太启程到德国参加一个为期两个月的高级德语课程。那天刚好1996世界杯足球赛会在法国举行开幕典礼。(太太说12年,但可能更旧前)





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