Wednesday, June 2, 2010

天主的祝福 God's Blessings







The last day of the fellowship was an outing to Cameron Highlands. Being "bus sick", I decided to stay back, so was my room-mate Kevin.

We decided to go to the famous Fu Shan Dim Sam Restaurant to "tan cha" (eating dim sam and drinking tea).

Kevin is the son of the beloved late Thomas Chung, a senior legionary and dedicated servant of the Lord, contributed greatly towards his parish and the Archdiocese. He served in many portfolio and held important posts including as the Chairman of the KL Archdiocesan Chinese Language Apostolate Commision and President of the Queen of the Apostles Curia. I was honour to be one of the successors of the above two position.

Not by coincident but Providence, Kevin is the current Chairman and President of the above two posts.

We chatted for almost 2 hours... on many subjects and interest including his family, career, the church and Legion of Mary......

I am happy to note that all his brothers and sisters are doing well in their career and study. This is the blessing from God upon his father and the children.

May God continue to bless, protect and guide them and I sincerely wishing them all happiness and peace.

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