Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home sweet home 回家了

这么好味,都吃得光光!So delicious.... all empty plates!

The 18th Legion Fellowship ended with a high note on Monday, 31/5/01 with a great farewell dinner hosted at a restaurant.

After bidding farewell to fellow legionaries by saying "See you next year in Kuching", I left for home this morning (1/6/010) at about 9:30 pm with Paul Chan's family and gang following me for a night stay in my house before going back to Singapore.

We arrived at Kajang at about 1:30 pm. I brought them to Semenyih for lunch at the famous restaurant serving their specialty " Nai Sa" (Butter fried Tilapia with salad)

For dinner, it was Satey and Chai Tao Kuih (Fried carrot cake), Joyce's favourite.

Actually I wanted to let them try the famous Kajang roadside "da bao", but was sold out... next time la. (More pics @ Facebook)

The famous Satey 出名的沙爹



随行的有国良及家人,Ivy 及丈夫,还有稳充小弟。他们将在我家住宿一晚,然后才继程星加坡。


晚餐则当然是加影沙爹,及菜头糕, 恩乐(Grace) 的最爱。

本来还要品尝加影最出名的路边大包,但早就卖光了。。。。下次吧! (更多照片在Facebook)

"Nai Sa "

Cai Tao kuih

Da Pao sold out

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