Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My dinner 我的晚餐

I was thinking what to eat for dinner... beef stew? braised pork? chicken soup? all were prepared by my wife and placed in the freezer.

"Ding Dong"! door bell rang. Mother Lily was at the gate.

"Simon, I have chicken rice for your..."

I have not returned the tiffin carrier she brought last week! (still in the car)

"Thank you Lily!"

"Don't mention, I cooked for my son, so some extra for you"

Lily is a vegetarian but will always cook for her children and friends non-vegetarian dishes...delicious dishes.

Chicken rice, potatoes-carrot-union soup and lady fingers。 Don't be jealous!






“别客气。我煮个儿子,煮多一点给你的 ”。



queen_of_bee said...

remember to return the tiffins soon in order to get more "oi sum farn harp"... :)

Simon Phun said...

Thanks for the reminder!:D