Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inhumane 缺乏人道

The guns were not aim at the robbers and thieves; the guns and force were not use for catching snatch thieves that caused many serious injuries and lives of many innocent citizens; the book of law were not being thrown at the big time squanders and corrupted politicians and officials...

The guns and force, the book of law were all aimed at the helpless, weaponless farmers in Cameron Highlands who toiled days and nights, rain and shine to turn the steep hills into farmlands that produce flowers, vegetables for the nation and the world.

The Pahang Land Office sent in enforcement officers and heavy armed Policemen all out to destroy farms at Batam Valley in Cameron Highlands which was on government land.

For whatever reasons, good and legal, it was inhumane. The Government are the protector of its citizens, not oppressor. A solution must be obtained before destruction.

It is the 『1 』 Malaysia we are so familiar with, before or after Najib!






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