Saturday, July 24, 2010

Break out! 解放

The sky was blue, the air was hot and fresh......

I needed a breakout ... and a durian break!

Steven, my classmate, owned a durian orchard at the Mantin-Seremban road. He has invited me to his orchard since the durian season started a month ago...

An urge to break out .... hit the highway and the byway... be at the orchard for the durian feast!

D2, D24, 101, 88, 145.....


我要解放 。。。及享受榴莲!

我的同学 Steven, 在文丁- 芙蓉公路上,有一段榴莲果园。自从榴莲季节在一个月前开始时,就邀请我到那里去品尝榴莲。

今天我忽然有需要解放的冲动。。。飞驰在高速大道,弯进 小路,到达果园,大吃榴莲。。。

各种品种。。D2,D24,101, 88, 154。。。。

我和 Steven and I

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