Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outing to eat 吃喝游

It was the only weekend I could do it ... helping my son Jonathan to fix up some plumbing job at his apartment in Melaka.

My parents-in-law wanted to follow, so we made it a leisure outing to EAT in Melaka !

We had dinner at a road side restaurant serving good food. It was situated at the junction of Jln Pulau Gadong joining Jln Klebang. The fish was fantastic ..Ikan Jenahak steamed with special ingredients tasted so good .... it doubled our rice intake.

For breakfast, we went to a hawker center along Jln Klebang near the apartment. Duck Mee was fantastic, the Laksa (curry mee) was simply "enchanting"!...just to name a few.



星期六傍晚,我们到一间路边餐馆享用晚餐。这餐馆坐落在Pulau Gadong 及进入Klebang 路口,虽然不起眼,但却提供别致的佳肴。它的特别配料蒸红曹鱼,味香极顶,使到我们的胃口大开,饭量也倍增。

早餐则在 公寓附近,Klebang 路的一间小饭中心,那里的鸭面(肉)真的是我没得顶(连我都岳母也赞),咖哩面更是迷人。。。这只是其中的几项而已。


Ray Yong said...

at kleast the fish is better than the big rotten fish in your previous post.

Simon Phun said...

The rotten head has proven his own theory right: a fish rots first from the head...