Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ipoh rush 走马怡保

Ipoh is a beautiful town I like very much.

I like to go to Ipoh because there is a comfortable room for me in a comfortable house of a family I feel comfortable to be with. And not forgetting to mention the delicious food.

A group of brothers and sisters from Bintulu and Sarekei of Sarawak was in Ipoh on Monday after their pilgrimage to St. Anne's Church in Bukit Mertajam led by my good old friend Joseph Wong of Sibu.

I went to Ipoh to meet up with them including fellow legionaries of Ipoh on Monday after work.

Surely I put up a night in the comfortable room of Peter Cho's house.

And I discovered that my little friend Andrea (Peter's son) is a dragon (zodiac) boy ....

I told Andre he is too skinny to be a dragon, so must eat well to be stronger and bigger. He joked that Mr. Pig did not feed him well. So as a senior dragon I "ordered" Mr. Pig to make sure that my little dragon eats well! (pig and Cho sound the same in Mandarin)

So my little dragon Andre, please do not be too fussy over food, eat everything and anything your parents provide you with. And I wish you well always! (more pictures on Facebook)





以前没谈过,这次兴文的儿子Andre (朱允亿)告诉我他是肖龙的!

我告诉他,这条龙太瘦了,必须吃得好(他很挑食),更强壮及大只,那才是真正的龙。他调皮的说,“猪”先生不给他吃的好。。。作为一条大龙的我,“下令” 猪先生以后要更佳的照顾这条小龙。


Little dragon Andre enjoying his " Egg on toast"
Andre 小龙享受着美味的“蛋治”


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