Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another day in Cameron Highlands 金马伦高原的另一天

Today my wife and I took the back way of Cameron Highlands to go to Ipoh on a "secret mission".

This is the first time we are travelling on this road which is called "Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai" road which took decades to build and was opened only about 3 years ago.

The road is broader than the Cameron Highlands-Tapah road, otherwise it is winding too.

My mission is to deliver a sample bag to Jing Guang in Chemor near Ipoh.

Not that I like to eat, but it is lunch time (sounded familiar?), so Jing Guang and wife Catherine brought us for lunch.

we have simple dishes - Kai Lan (vegetable), Dou ya (bean spout) and a very special dish of Shang Yu Po (Diamond head fish soup) which only served in this town.

Mission accomplished and we returned to Cameron Hightlands at about 3:00 pm.

It was raining and the weather is cool. A cup of tea and some goreng pisang... were best combination. We stopped by a Mamk coffee shop and was served by a cute young girl.

The most popular things in Cameron Highlands right now are: everything strawberry and charcoal fired organic steamboat,

Tonight we have another round of organic steamboat ...with 10 types of vegetables ! God knows it is really organic ... makan 'aja lah!

Mission accomplished 使命完成

今天我和太太取道金马伦高原后方的 “金马伦-新邦波赖” 大道,去执行一道秘密使命。


这是我们第一次使用这道路。它比 “金马伦-打巴”路更宽敞,不过也是相当的弯曲。

不是我喜欢吃,但却是午餐时候(好像很耳熟的一句话!),景光及太太带我们去吃午餐。我们叫的非常简单,但非法特别: 芥兰菜,怡保豆芽及生鱼煲。生鱼煲非常特别,只有在这市镇才有。





Diamond head fish soup (Ikan Haruan)

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