Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Up to the hill

The newly built Holy Redeemer Church

It is Mid-Autumn Festival today. Children are all outstation... and big children don't carry lantern anymore, so we went up to Cameron Highlands, hopefully can see a bigger moon. (Due to the distance of moon and earth, this year the moon is slightly smaller)

On our way, we stopped by Tanjong Malim with the intention to visit Fr. Charles Chin, the parish priest of Holy Redeemer Church of Tanjong Malim.

The gate was locked... not one was around...padam muka lah kita.

Not because I like to eat, but it was lunch time, so looking for something to eat before we continue our journey to Cameron Highlands.

We found one shop named U One Me Cafe, but the Chinese name isTraditional Ah Ku best Pan Mee (ah ku in Chinese means auntie, mother's sister). It offered macam macam (varities) of pan mee (hand made mee)... original pan mee, dry pan mee. lo pan mee, Tongyam pan mee, curry pan mee .....

Not bad at RM 3.50 per bowl and tasted good ... just like ah ku's cooking.

Arriving at Ringlet, Cameron Highlands at about 5:00 pm. Met up with Cindy and Paul Ng who were previously our Kajang parishioners. Paul started his flower growing business a few years ago to be exported to Japan.

They brought us to an organic steamboat restautant for dinner.

It is raining now in Cameron Highlands, and the moon is no where to be found.

So much for a day.

At our hotel balcony 我们酒店房间的露台谈天




不是 我们好吃,但却是午餐时间。我们见到一间叫着『传统阿姑板面』的餐厅,里面有各种各样的板面 - 传统板面,乾捞板面,东延板面,滷板面,咖哩板面。。。







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