Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mooncake Festival 欢庆中秋

Tonight our parish celebrated the Lantern Festival. It was organised by the Chinese Language Apostolate and participated by all language groups.

Parish Priest Fr. William shared his thought by highlighting the legends of the festival especially the passing of the messages inserted in the mooncake.

He posed the question to all parishioners, what is your message to be passed to others, including tonight's theme " communion in the Lord".

Asst Parish Priest Fr. George shared his wonderful experience of celebrating Moon Cake Festival in Taiwan where he learned his Mandarin. He even acted in a play acting as the Chang Er, the beautiful lady that ascended into the moon.

About 500 parishioners of various language groups participated in the festival.

I have to leave the festival early to attend another function thus missed out many great performances by various language groups, especially the youth groups.

George Harrison Bond in Tomorrow never say don't come (to church)
赫占士邦主演 赫赫双娇








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