Sunday, September 26, 2010

In memory of Missy 纪念Missy

On the day my wife arrived home from her Europe holiday, our beloved dog Missy died.

She was bitten by a snake on Sunday morning 18-7-2010 at about 9:30 am. When Adeline and I sent her to a vet in Balakong, the clinic was not open, Another clinic did not have antivenom in stock. She died peacefully after about 45 minutes while we were still searching for a vet clinic.

The news was withheld from Elizabeth because she was undergoing flying training at an Naval base in England. (She is a cadet of university naval unit). Missy was her favourite dog and skyped with her many times. She was informed of the news after her training.

Missy died defending her owner. She is a brave and lovable dog and will remain in our hearts forever.

18-7-2010 当我太太从欧洲旅行回到家的那一天,家里的狗 Missy 去世了。

它是在早上九点多,被毒蛇咬到中毒而死。 我和大女儿把它带到一间兽医所,却没开店,另一间却是没有解药存货。它就在我们继续寻找兽医所的时候,四十五分钟内,就平安去世了。


Missy 英勇的防卫主人的家园而殉职。它是一只英勇,可爱的狗,将永远存留在我们的心里。


Adeline said...

Dad, it was 18 July :-(

Simon Phun said...

corrected. your mom gave me the wrong date!

Elizabeth Phun said...

My poor poor baby :(