Monday, September 27, 2010

Our new dog 我们新领养的狗

We decided to adopted another dog to guard the house.

No beagle ... Missy is irreplaceble.

We adopted a mongrel from Paws, the aninmal shelter at Subang Airport Road. By first look, she is not attractive...then again, she is cute, unique and lovable. She is an abandoned puppy about 4 or 5 months old.

She is named Taffy ... then on children's suggestion, Toffy.... and may yet change again!


不要再同一类的狗,Missy 是不能取代的。

我们到梳邦机场路的动物庇护所,领养了一只杂种狗。第一眼看去,这狗儿没什么吸引人之处 。。。但再看看,她却是很可爱,也非常特别,会令人喜欢。它是出生后不久就被人遗弃,现在大约是四或五个月大。

我们给它命名 Taffy,但孩子建议 Toffy ...可能还会再改呢!


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