Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guests are here 客人来

I have a quiet Hari Raya holiday except today... Sunday.

Picked up Agnas Lim (my JB god-daughter. pic left) and friend Irene from Airport at noon. They flew in from Sandakan after the Young Legionaries Fellowship, making a brief stopover in KL, and going back to Johor Baru by 8:30 pm flight.

Famous Kajang Satey was their choice for lunch and a visit to the Church of the Holy Family completed the afternoon package. They left for airport at 6:00 pm.

Hot on heels of Agnes and Irene, Fr. Lawrence and his Taiwanese visitors supposed to arrive at Kajang between 6:00 - 7:00 pm . They were driving down from Bukit Mertajam after lunch from Penang. Fr. Lawrence has also made a survey on the Church of St. Anne for my supposedly posting as an Assistant Parish Priest there (See 6/9/10 posting).

Famous Kajang Satey plus Putrajaya night tour has been lined up for him and his oversea visitors.

Alas! at about 7:45pm, Fr. Lawrence called... he was caught in the traffic jam along North-South highway near Gopeng (200 kms from Petaling Jaya!). Post Hari Raya traffic jam started before Ipoh.....

My dinner for the night was.... Instant Mee!

At 10:50 pm, SMS from Fr. Lawrence: "Baru sampai ...(just arrived home in Petaling Jaya).."




紧接她们之后,黄大华神父及台湾朋友也应该在傍晚6至7时左右来到加影。他们是在槟城住了两天后,在大山脚用了午餐,就直接驱车到加影来。大华神父也在大山脚“观察”了圣妇亚纳堂的情况,以助我那“假设将成为助理本堂” 的进驻事宜。(看6/9/10帖子




在晚上十点五十分,收到大华神父的简讯:“ Baru sampai (刚刚到八打灵的家)。。。”


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