Sunday, October 17, 2010

A sad loss 痛失

We lost a good dear friend.

Yesterday afternoon while receiving Sibu visitors, I received a call from my friend Cheng Boon from Kebun Baru, near Segamat, Johor.

" See Jiao passed away this morning...!"

It came as a shocker! "what happened?"

"She went into coma a month ago and was admitted to Johor Baru General Hospital. She underwent 2 operations and did not recover ..... she died this morning..."

"Why didn't you inform me when she was admitted?.... at least we can see her for the last time!"

"I didn't inform you because not wanting to trouble you traveling all the way to JB..."

I was angry, I was sad, I was frustrated .... we have lost a good friend and never have the chance to say goodbye to her.

Understanding Cheng Boon's good intention, I did not say much ... after all, things done cannot be undone.

My wife and I left the Pastoral Assembly early in order to make the 4 hours round trip journey to attend See Jiao's funeral wake at Kebun Baru, about 25 km from Segamat.

See Jiao, 46, died of a ruptured brain artery and left behind husband and four sons, all of them are working.

May her soul rest in peace in the Western Eternal Land.


















Treasure every moment with your loved ones ..... especially the moment of sunset...
(The beautiful sunset we saw on our way home)
珍惜每个与你亲人相处的时刻 。。。。特别是在夕阳的时候

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Pauline said...

I am broken hearted. I can only cherished the times we had, her smiling face, her simple words and way.