Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tibicos 中国蘑菇菌


Origin - Unknown ... Chinese called it China Mushroom. In India, it was claimed that Mother Teresa got it from a Tibetan monastery thus it is called mushroom of Tibet.

Fact: It is a type of fungus feeds on water and molasses (sugar water). It reproduces through natural process and the fermented liquid is ready to be drunk after 24-48 hours. It is a refreshing drink with curative power (claimed).

We got the mother Tibi from Paul Ng of Cameron Highlands and tried it out at home. The finished product tasted like wine ... but more a carbonated drink.

Effect: Face blushes if you are not a drinker. Many claimed it has preventive and curative power. Good for digestive system.

Precaution: May get addicted to this beverage drink (fermented)!

We can provide "mother Tibi " for those who are interested to try out.(needs refrigerated)

Video on Tibicos made by my wife太太制作的菌母录影

中国蘑菇菌 (Tibicos)

源自: 不详。中国人称之为『中国蘑菇』。在印度,传说加尔各答圣特丽莎姆姆从西藏的一间修院取得,以帮助加尔各答的穷人治疗疾病。




小心: 可能会对这饮品上瘾。(有酒精!)


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Dear Simon
Appreciate if you could let me know how could i get some tibicos grains?

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