Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lives in Malaysia 马来西亚的生命

A Chilean miracle!

33 miners were rescued successfully after two months ordeal being trapped 700 meters underground. The whole country, led by the president, rejoiced and thank God for the successful operation that saved 33 precious lives. The whole nation fought a courageous battle and won. Life is precious.

In Malaysia, 12 lives just lost in seconds without a fight on the night of 10-10-2010 in a bus-cars-bus accident.




On North South Expressway, a speeding bus banged into the back of a car, lost control and rammed through the guardrail, ploughed head on to a bus, two cars and a motor cycle from opposite direction. It resulted 12 persons, including the bus driver, died on the scene and 38 other injured.

Thank God for our efficient emergency rescue system that swung into action immediately to save lives. And no thanks to the idiot ministers and officials who showed "kind concern and care" to the victims and families. Transport Minister even went to the scene for inspection.
As always after a serious accident, blame game started all over again immediately too.

" a thorough investigation would be carried out..." ( we are very concern)

"whoever responsible would be punished..." (the government will take action)

" need to review the current policy..." (add in more gadgets..more money into pockets)

" the guardrail meets quality standard..." ( don't blame on us - the Highway authority)

"should limit the speed.." (slower speed will avoid accident)

"the accident was due to human error.." ( so don't blame anyone else except the driver)

Many blamed the driver, some blamed the bus company, others blamed lacking of enforcement.

But no one blames it on CORRUPTION!

Our highways are of utmost high standard in term of quality and safety. The buses on our highways are bigger, more comfortable and safer with new technology and innovations.

So the drivers are driving faster and faster .... it occurs almost daily that while I am driving at 110 km/hour on expressway, buses overtake me effortlessly on my left and right whichever they like. They are speeding - at 120 to 130 km/hr.

A Police or JPJ patrol car can easily book 30 bus drivers a day for various offences, especially reckless driving like driving on the overtaking fast lane, dangerous overtaking, using hand phone while driving...).. if only the Police or JPJ wants to.

However, the drivers are not afraid of the Police or JPJ (Transport Department) or speed trap because all offences can be Kaotim (settled) with a handshake (exchange of money) and a smile.

Corruption breeds drivers with throttle happy attitude. They are driving faster and faster ...

As for the ministers and government officers, especially from the Transport Ministry whose duties are to save lives and property, they go back to their offices, with big asses sitting on the big fat chairs, things back to normal again after a few days ... until next accident happens .... again the usual rhetoric routine .....





“那些犯错的将会面对严重的处罚。。” (我们将采取行动)

“将会检讨目前的政策。。” (将有新的东西出炉,我们袋子将会入水)

“路中央的围杆是达到水准的。。” (我们不需负任何责任 -南北大道公司)

“应该降低法定的时速。。” (放慢了就会减少意外)

“应该是人为的因素。。。” (全都是司机的错,不要怪罪其他任何人)。




所以巴士司机也就越驾越快。几乎每一天,当我在高速公路以时速每小时一百一十公路行驶时,很多巴士以毫不费劲的,从左或右超越我的车,就看司机的喜好。等于说他们的时速是120 或130公里以上。






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