Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jet boating 汽艇

Jet boating is an extreame sport. We enjoyed the ride very much.

On the night before we left New Zealand, I saw from the TV news that an accident occured at 3:00pm at the Shotover river where we were a few days ago. A boat (same as above) crashed and five passengers were injured.

We took the same boat ride and it was really exciting. it was dangerous but safe. Government is investigating the cause of the accident.

Would I ride a again? YES!


在离开纽西兰前的晚上(22/11/10),从电视新闻里面知道,在Shotover River 河道中,于下午三时左右,发生一宗意外,五名乘客受伤。这是我们在几天前到过,也乘坐的同样的船。



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