Sunday, November 14, 2010

NZ (1) 纽西兰

The center of Christchurch, the Cathedral and Square
基督城的市中心 - 主教座堂及广场

It was the expected day … with anticipation and excitement.

Today we left Sydney for New Zealand on a 10-day tour of South Island. However, the flight was delayed at the airport due to some computer problem.

We arrived at Christchurch 2 hours late. It was 4:30 local time (5 hours ahead of Kuala Lumpur) and it was cloudy, temperature about 11 degree C.

The car rental office has been closed, so we can collect our hired car the next day only. Nonetheless, we took a 30 walk from our hotel to the Cathedral Square – after all, coming to Christchurch, we must do the first thing first - to see Christ’s church at Christchurch!

Being Sunday, many shops closed for business. It was quiet and cold in Christchurch.

Tomorrow we begin our adventure!

这是个期待一天 。。。心情紧张和充满期望。




无论如何,我们步行半小时,到市中心著名的基督城主教座堂广场(Cathedral Square)逛逛。来到了基督城,必须先向基督打招呼才对。



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