Monday, November 15, 2010

NZ (2 ) 纽西兰

Second day in Christchurch.

Cloudy but no rain. The temperature was cool ( like Genting Highlands) with occasional ray of sun broke through the cloud, allowing us a short glimpse of the blue sky. That was enough to get me sun-burned. Sun-block and moisturizer in this region is very important to protect your skin.

Feeling a bit dismay and gloomy, but cheered up when we finally got our rented car – a 2005 Camry at NZ 69.00 per day unlimited mileage. We left Christchurch after breakfast.

We took the scenic road (Highway 72) to Lake Tekapo instead of the normal tourist route. The scene was breath-taking. We went through small townships, rolling hills and many many sheep and cattle. We still have the chance to see the beautiful wild flowers along the way.

We stopped whenever we liked, ate whatever and whenever we chose … Driving along the scenic country roads was such a great relaxed and wonderful experience.

The view near Lake Tekapo was great … with snow-capped mountains as the back drop, yellow flowers blooming along the road sides.

At last, we arrived at the world famous Lake Tekapo and the little church by the side of the lake- The Good Shepherd Church.

We allowed ourselves some luxury by staying at a motel by the lake side.


天气使得我有点心情低落及沉闷,但拿到了所租车之后,心情马上好转。我们租用了一辆丰田2005 Camry,每天租金六十九纽元。



将近Lake Tekapo 湖的风景非常优美,远方雪盖的山峰,清晰可见,加上满山的黄花,的确迷人。




Anonymous said...

Godpa,有没有进去善牧小堂?里面祭台后面玻璃窗。坐在里面望向祭台,看到的是十字架+ 一片湖泊雪山美景。

Simon Phun said...

有的。。。。但看不到耶稣!! :D

Anonymous said...