Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NZ (3 ) 纽西兰

Scenery on way to Mt Cook

Day 3 in New Zealand. It was slightly cloudy and cool.

Lake Tekapo left an indelible impression on all of us as a beautiful and idyllic destination. We enjoyed the stay there.

Today we traveled further south, to The Adventure Capital of the world … better known as the founding place of the Bungee Jump – Queenstown.

Immediately after leaving Lake Tekapo, we turned into Mt. John University Observatory which was about 20 minutes away. It was situated on top of a hill, therefore guided tour groups seldom make it here. It is recognized as one of the world best observatories and star gazing spot of the world.

We have a 360-degree view of the whole Lake Tekapo and the surrounding farmlands, hills, valley and the distant snowy mountains.

Then we proceeded to the Aoraki Mt. Cook. The drive to Mt Cook itself was an unforgettable experience … or more appropriately, dream journey. The lake and glacier capped mountains practically appearing right in front of us … so close and so real.

Due to adverse weather condition, we were not able to have a glimpse of peak of Mt. Cook.

We continued towards Queenstown which was about 250 kms away. Roads are straight and flat, snow-capped mountain constantly appeared, many beautiful lakes too as we drove for miles and miles of country roads.

Our trip to New Zealand supposed to be a self-drive, budget journey. However, we changed our minds on certain things, accommodation is one of them.

Again we decided to stay in a lakeside hotel at the heart of Queenstown … so you can guess how much it bites!

But the view is fantastic, the room is comfortable … with Jacuzzi!

Dear children, please do not be envious, old cows deserve some good grass sometimes!

At one of the many beautiful lakes - Lake Pukaki (pull kaki)

On top of Mt John Observatory


Lake Tekapo 给我们留下了一个深刻的印象,是一个悠闲及美丽的景点。我们我们都非常喜欢这个地方。

今天我们将继续往南下,目的地是女皇镇 – 世界探险的首都,更是『笨猪』跳的发源地。

不过在离开Lake Tekapo 的时候,我们马上到大约20分钟车程的若望山天文观测站(Mt John University Observatory)。这个观测站建立在一座小山上,是世界知名的天文观测站及观星的最佳地点之一。普通的旅游团是不会到这里来的。

在这里,我们可以有360度远眺Lake Tekapo 湖的全景及邻近的农田,群山,河谷及远处的雪山。

过后,我们就续程到库克(Mt. Cook) 保留公园。全程来回大约一百公里的旅程,实在是美丽的令人难忘,或者可以说是梦想的旅程。沿途湖光山色,覆满冰川的雪山,蓝色的湖泊,竟在眼前,几乎可以触摸的到。







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