Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NZ (4 ) 纽西兰

Our fourth day in New Zealand. Temperature at 18 degree and slightly cloudy. Cool.

We are at the Adventure Capital of the World, cannot afford not to be tempted by the many activities offered in Queenstown.

Indeed today is an adventurous day for all of us.

At 12:15pm today (New Zealand time) Tony has realized his long held dream by successfully completed his first Bungy jump at Kawarau Bridge, the historical site of world’s first Bungy jump. It was an act of courage and determination.

Later in the afternoon, we bought a package of Shotover Heli Combo ( NZ $265 per person) which consists of :

1. Jet Boating at Shotover river,
2. Scenic helicopter transfer back to Queenstown Skyline Gondola Complex on top of a hill in the city,
3. Skylift,
4. Luge ride and
5. Gondola (cable car) ride back down to the foot hill.

Firstly, Jet Boating. The excitement and fun can only be experienced in person. Speeding at 80 km/h the jet boat swerving and spinning along the beautiful and rocky river canyon course, making many precision maneuvers, passing outcropping rocks by mere inches… 360 degree turns…sheer spectacular show of skill and professionalism by the boat driver and is an unforgettable and breathtaking experience!

After the boat ride, we were taken to a helipad to board a helicopter for 10 minutes return flight to Queenstown. Great view and great experience.

We continue our adventure with Skylift and Luge ride. Quite fun.

At about 5:00pm, we took the Gondola back to the city.

Continued with our adventurous mood, we bought some beef from the Super Market and have a pictureque BBQ picnic by the Lake Side of Wanatipu.

In New Zealand (Australia too), government set up charcoal and electrical BBQ pits for the convenience of her citizens. We cannot have such facilities because of theft and vandalism, but also babi /no babi issue !

Our day ended with a leisure stroll at the Marine Parade (lake side) at about 8:00 pm.

*** Hotel broadband services are sucks! Even expensive hotels give 15-20 minutes free WIFE at lobby only. You have to pay around NZ10.00 for duration of 2 hours (1000MB) from your room… Third world mentality.

More pictures on FACEBOOK 更多照片




今天本地时间十二点十五分,东尼实现了他长久的梦想 – 在世界『笨猪跳』的发源地,加瓦劳桥(Kawarau Bridge)成功的完成了他生平第一次『笨猪跳』。这是一个有胆量及坚决的行动。

在下午的时候,我们购买了一个『汽艇直升机』混合配套(每人纽币265元) :

1. 乘坐汽艇
2. 乘坐直升机回到市区的缆车站
3. 乘坐升天椅
4. 滑车
5. 乘搭缆车回到山脚的市区





我们还是不愿意就此结束一天的探险活动,所以到超市买了牛肉及一些配料,到美丽的湖边做烧烤晚餐。在这里,政府准备电炉设备给公民使用,非常方便。这样的设备假如在马来西亚,不只连炉给人偷去或破坏,还有很多争执 – 要煮(猪)还是不要煮(猪)!




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