Friday, November 19, 2010

NZ (5,6 ) 纽西兰

Day 5 & 6 in New Zealand.

Day 5, 18/11/2010.

After saying goodbye to the capital of adventure, we left for Te Anau, the gateway to Milford Sound.

The drive to Te Anau is another experience. Vast plain, miles and miles of flat pasture land, thousands and thousands of sheep and cows. Great scenery.

Arrived Te Anau, a small town with lakes and snow-capped mountains around 2:00 pm. It is the only route going to Milford Sound, one of the famous Fiordland attractions.

We scouted around town and decided to stay at a cabin motel at NZ $100.00 per cabin per night, a bargain during off peak season. (Peak season starts in December).

We have time to go sightseeing in the nearby places.

We went to Manapouri, a small time 20 kms from Te Anau.

We decided to push further to the southern most city of South Island – Invecagil, about 150 kms from Te Anau.

In New Zealand, government designated some scenic roads for tourist to sample the beautiful country scenery. So we took the scenic road to Invecagil.

Again it was miles and miles of pasture land and rolling hills with tens of thousands of sheep and cows. We passed through many beautiful small townships too.

Please see more pictures on my Facebook. (Queenstown to Te Anau)

Today, sixth day in NZ, we drove 120 km to Mildford Sound. The journey took about 3 hours with many stops and photography sessions.

It was raining in Mildford Sound. We did not see the whole view of the place especially the mountains, but have the opportunity to see hundreds of waterfalls due to rain.

We also saw seals upclose.

We took the small ship to avoid crowd, and it brought us closer to view places especially seals and penguin (saw one only).

It was quite an experience. Please see my Facebook pictures (sixth day).


第五天, 18/11/2010.

我们离开美丽的『世界探险之都』-皇后镇,前往更南部的 Te Anau,然后到世界闻名的Milford Sound,这里是世界出名的Fioardland峡弯之地 (峡湾是因冰川侵蚀造成的)。

去Te Anau 的路途,是望不见经尽头的草原,山丘及上万的羊群及牛群。风景美极了!

在下午二时左右到了Te Anau。这是一个沿湖而立的小镇,雪盖的群山包围,是到Milford Sound 必经,也是仅有的一条通道小镇。


因为我们还有时间,我们就到附近的地区观光。我们先到20公里外的Manapouri 看看。后来,我们决定在往下走,到纽西兰南岛最南端的一个城市 ,一百五十公里外的Invecargil 去。



请参看我放在面子书的照片。(Queenstown to Te Anau

今天早上,在纽西兰的第六天,我们一早就启程前往大约150公里外的Milford Sound,沿途停下观看及拍照,所以共用了三个小时才抵达目的地。




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