Sunday, November 21, 2010

NZ (8 ) 纽西兰

With our comfortable stay at Callies Bed & Breakfast hosted by Jenny and Bruce and their family, our journey to the South Island, especially the scenic lakes and Fiordlland completed with a high note.

After breakfast, we bid farewell to Jenny and Bruce. When we were about to leave, Chris came with yet another Trout he caught at the lake near his house which is slightly down the slope where we stayed.

We were heading back to Christchurch (375 km) which we would stay another 2 nights before going back to Sydney. Enroute, we stopped at Moeraki to see the famous “Moeraki Boulders”.

The boulders are round in shape. These boulders were formed in ancient sea floor sediments through a process similar to the formation of the pearls where layer of materials cover a central nucleus or core.

When we arrived at Oamaru, it was raining heavily, so we drove through the town but did not stop. However, we stopped at Timaru and to our surprise, it is a fairly
big port city. We found Timaru Sacred Heart Basilica, which is very grand and full of history.

It was raining all the way and we arrived at Christchurch at about 7:15 pm. We have Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Due to the rain, the weather is very cold tonight.

More pics in Facebook 更多照片

我们舒适的在Dunedin 过了一晚,就结束了纽西兰南部湖泊风景区的行程。

和那友善的旅馆主人夫妇告别后,我们见到他们的女婿Chris 手上带来另一条的Trout 鱼到来。原来是他钓到的。


途中,我们停下来,参观了Moeraki 海边很特别的圆大石。他们是在深海里,长年累月的累积而成,它的过程就好像珍珠的结成一样。

路上下着雨,所以我们没有在Oamaru 小镇停留,然后往北上,到了 Timaru, 我们到这个镇里参观了宏伟及充满历史性的Timaru Basilica 圣心大圣殿。

沿途下着雨,我们在傍晚7:15 pm 抵达女皇镇。我们简单的以肯德基炸鸡为晚餐。


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