Monday, November 22, 2010

NZ (9 ) 纽西兰

At Akaroa

The last day of our holidays in New Zealand. It is sunny, blue sky….and hot!

This is the only day of such weather greeted us for the past 8 days in NZ …and I don’t like this “so good” weather because it is scotching hot under the sun although the temperature is about 15 degree C.

I count our blessings for the past 8 days of cloudy, short sun sunshine, rain and cool.

Today we went to a place out of the beaten track, Akaroa in Banks Peninsular, about 80 kms away. Nothing special to mention until we reached the end of the winding and mountainous road - a beautiful Frenchy seaside resort town – Akaroa.

I guessed majority of the population are French descendants. I saw French flag flying in many buildings and houses.

We have fish and chips, authentic NZ Fish and Chips, for lunch.

At 8:30 pm, we went out for Burger King, authentic NZ beef burger, for dinner.

We are busy packing because we are flying back to Sydney tomorrow morning on 7:00 am flight.

It is a wonderful holidays for us!

Before leaving New Zealand, a thought and prayer to the 29 miners trapped underground. God have mercy. Mother Mary pray for them and their families.

**Due to problem adding caption to photo in Facebook, here are the highlights:
1. A church in Banks Peninsular damaged by earthquake
2. Beautiful scenery of Akaroa and Bangs Peninsular
3. Ice Cream eating sparrows
4. Greedy sea gulls
5. Beautiful St. Patrick church in Akaroa

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今天我们到一个不是很多游客的地方 – Akaroa, 离开基督城大约80公里。

路上没有什么特别的景观,但在弯曲及斜陡的公里尽头,出现了一个充满法国风味,环境优美的海边休闲胜地 – Akaroa.



晚上八点半,我们出外购买道地的Burger King 汉堡包作为晚餐。




**因为facebook 有些问题,不能说明图片,谨用部落格说明照片重点:

1. 受地震影响的一间天主教堂
2.Akaroa 的美丽景色,及半岛的远望美景

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