Friday, November 12, 2010

Third Aussie Day 澳洲的第三天

The relationship founded on rock and sea

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Port Macquarie is a sea port. It is a resort town well known within the country. Ben and Nam, being the very few Chinese in town, are easily recognised by the small population of the area.

If not for Nam being posted here, we might never have visited this beautiful and idyllic seaside resort town.

For the past two days in Laurieton, two great things happened:

1. We saw whale swimming along the ocean horizon. Even it was very far away, but it can be made out clearly of two whales playing and flipping.

2. Saw millions of stars on a clear night sky. Since childhood, I have been dreaming of seeing such wonderful scene again. Development ands bright lights blinded our sight.

And in Laurinton, Plenty of oysters, though not so big until December, can be found along river banks and picked easily.

We had great time in Laurieton and Port Macquarie.

Celebrating Jonathan's birthday ....5000 kms away.
Ben and Nam cooked delicious beef steak for dinner
Ben 和 Nam 煮一餐美味的牛排,庆祝儿子的生日,但他在5000里外的家里


Port Macquarie 是个海港,也是个本地著名的度假胜地。外国游客很少来这里,所以,Ben 和 Nam 两个华人,好像有点鹤立鸡群,很容易就被这里的人认识。更不用说,Nam 是这里的医生,几乎整个市镇的人都认识他了。

假如不是因为Nam 被派到这里工作,我们也不会,也没有机会来自这个这么清幽,安静的海边胜地。


1. 看到大海游过的鲸鱼。这虽然是离开我们很远,但可以很清楚的看到是两条鲸鱼在游玩(母子)。

2. 在一个晴空的黑夜里,让我再次的看到了天上千千万万的点点繁星。自孩儿后,发展及城市的明亮灯光,蒙蔽了我们的眼睛,而看不到天工的伟大。



Typical Australian lunch - fish and chips. Bring your own drinks and sources
标准的澳洲午餐 - 鱼排和薯条

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