Friday, November 12, 2010

An aspiring chef 明日之厨星

The aspiring Chef !

Bryan Oh, my godson, Graduated in England a few years ago and worked a few years before returning home 2 years ago.

He decided a career change and left for Australia in July this year to persue a chef qualification course in Hospitality (Cuisine) at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney.

Tonight he came over and cooked us a pot of beef stew - very delicious simple dish which all of us enjoyed very much.

After dinner, he decided to take up extra qualification by participating in a round of Majong tutored by Le Majong Bleu Sisters.

Wishing Bryan all the success in his studies - C.C (Cuisine Chef) and M.C (Majong Chef).

我的代子Bryan 几年前,在英国大学毕业后,工作了一段时间后,回到马来西亚。




Bryan 加油!


Adeline said...

so gian main mahjong kah? Hahaha.

Agnes C said...