Wednesday, January 12, 2011

road accident 交通意外

This was the result of an accident on 11-1-11!

It was 5:30 pm. I was driving along Subang Airport road on the way home. Traffic was heavy and slow moving.

My car was stationary when suddenly I heard a "thud" sound ... something has hit the back of my car. I looked at the real view mirror, not the car behind me because it was quite a safe distant behind. What was that?

I came out of the car to inspect. I saw a motorcycle and a rider lied on the road at the rear left of my car.

I was frozen for a split second. This was the familiar sight on Malaysian roads - motorcyclist lying dead by the side of the motorcycle!

Many Malaysian motorcyclists are like the Japanese kamikaze pilots. They are as if constantly on a death mission - not to kill enemies, but themselves.

Thanks to the Japanese manufactured light, cheap and fast motor cycles called
cubs, they charge ahead at high speed, swerving right and left, beating traffic lights, disregard the safety of themselves and other road users.

Motorcyclists recorded the highest fatalities in road accidents in 2009. Of the 6745 road fatalities, 4070 were motorcyclists; of the 8849 cases of serious injuries, 5758 were motorcyclist and pillion riders.
(Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research)

To my relief, I saw the cyclist sitting up slowly... I assisted him to stand up. He seemed to be alright with helmet tightly on, no bleeding and was able to walk. A Malay man came to assist me to push the motorcycle to the kerb.

It seemed he was wriggling among cars, in quite a speed...suddenly, his handle bars clipped the side mirror of a car behind me on another lane, he lost balance, flew and banged on my car...with quite a force that broke my rear bumper.

Making sure the motorcyclist did not require any further assistance, I drove off after taken down his particulars.

上端的照片,是11-1-11 一场意外的结果。


我的心突然冷了半截。这不就是在马来西亚公路常可以看到的一个景象- 没有生命迹象的骑士,倒躺在他的摩多单车旁!


应该多谢日本人制造了更小巧,便宜及快速的小型摩多单车,称为 cubs (急仔),骑士可以快速往前冲,左拐右弯,在车龙中,前冲后撞,进出自如。他们罔顾交通灯,交通规则,别人的安全及自己的安全。






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i hope you made a police report

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I hv made a police report, but found out that the motorcyclist did not...