Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday morning 星期六早上


Life at random.

This morning, my wife wanted to get some big fresh prawns for Chinese New Year, so we went to Tesco Hypermarket around 9:00 am. Hopefully early bird gets the worm.

Asam prawns (Tamarind prawns) is my wife's specialty and a dish on-demand by our children for the New Year.

After getting what we wanted, we went to Kajang wet market to get some vegetarian items. We decided to have Fried Kuay Tiao for breakfast.

We went to a stall in the bazaar for the authentic Kajang Fried Kuey Tiao.

I noticed fellow Malaysian Indians like Fried Kuey Tiao too. Out of 8 customers then, 5 were Indians.






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