Monday, May 9, 2011

Buddha has anger too 佛都有火

Here goes the Chinese saying: "Buddha has anger too!" (means good people can get angry too).

Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Nicholas Pakiam, has slammed reports alleging a conspiracy to turn the country into a Christian state. Describing the reports as “irresponsible, baseless and provocative”, Pakiam demanded that the authorities take action against what it said were quarters that seek to threaten the harmonious, multi-cultural and multi-religious make-up of the country.

He was responding to the blog postings, on which an Utusan Malaysia report was based, accusing DAP of colluding with Christian pastors to make Christianity the country's official religion so that a Christian can become prime minister. (MalaysiaKini)

Utusan Malaysia, the UMNO (the dominating partner of ruling coalition) owned Malay daily
published almost freely fictitious, provocative and baseless reports on any subject and topic whenever, whichever it likes to gain political capital for its master.

But this one really got people mad, including Archbishop Pakiam.

This time, it is using religion to cook up lies (Buddhism becomes official religion of England? ) to disrupt the harmony of the country. It is a dangerous act.

What is the government going to do? What is Najib going to do? (He is the boss of the newspaper !)

What are we going to do ?










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