Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buddha has anger 2 佛都有火2

"Buddha has anger too"!

I applied for Citibank Shell Visa because it offers rebate on petrol purchase. Every month I save about RM40.00 - 60.00

However, I constantly receiving many calls from the bank (telesales staff) bugging me about "the benefits of Citibank Visa...".

This morning I received another call....

" Are you Mr. Simon.....".

"Are you calling from Citibank...?"

"No, I am not calling from Citibank. I am calling regarding the benefits of Citibank Visa...."

"Sorry, you are the fifth one to call me since yesterday. I cannot entertain you anymore....".

I really got fed up with the constant harassment of the bank. It is damned nuisance.......

I am mad !! Buddha has anger too !!

I decided to cut the card into many pieces and send them back to Citibank .... tell the bank to "fly kite le...."!!


我使用美国花旗银行( Citibank) 的 Shell Visa 卡,是因为买汽油有回扣。我每个月可以获得马币四十至六十元的回扣。





“不是,我不是从花旗银行打来的。我是打来关于Citibank Visa 的好处。。。。”

“对不起,你是昨天到现在,第五个打来给我关于Visa 卡的,我不能应酬你了。。。”。



我决定把我的 Shell Visa 卡碎尸万段,然后寄回个花旗银行,我不要了。。。!

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