Saturday, May 14, 2011

Police and thief 警察和贼

Facts :

1. When comes to politic, religious leaders are no match for the foxy Prime Minister Najib.

2. And when Prime Minister invites you for lunch, you have no choice but to oblige.

3. Meal in Prime Minister office is bitter to swallow.

8 Christian leaders under the umbrella of Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) learned this after attended a luncheon hosted by the prime minister over the report of Christianisation of the country. (see story Buddha has anger too)

At the press conference after the luncheon, Najib declared: "the Christian leaders have given two very important and meaningful undertakings..."

1. Christian leaders in the country respected the position of Islam as the official religion and were not challenging the provision enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

2. Christian leaders had given their undertaking to cooperate in nurturing peace and harmony between the various faiths so the country would continue to be peaceful and prosperous.

The Christian leaders' roles had been turned from police into thieves in the process of having lunch with the prime minister !!

Apparently, they have declared through the mouth of Najib: " No gold buried here" **

** A thief buried his loot underground. Fearing others may come to know, he put up a sign board: " No gold buried here". (A Chinese idiom meaning a guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.)

No wonder... hardly a day later, Home Minister Hisham said: " there is some basis to Utusan Malaysia's report that there is a conspiracy to make Christianity the official religion of the country and install a Christian prime minister".

And the real thieves got away scot-free.... and dirty business as usual.


1. 在政治权术上,宗教领袖绝不是狡猾的首相纳吉的对手。

2. 当首相邀请你共进午餐时,你是无法拒绝的。

3. 首相署的饭菜是很难吞的。


午餐后的一项新闻发布会上,首相纳吉宣布:“我国基督领袖已作出了两项非常重要和有意义的承诺” :

1. 基督教领袖没有意图要挑战联邦宪法下回教党地位,同时承诺会尊重回教作为官方宗教。

2. 基督教领袖承诺会合作维持宗教之间的和平及和谐,以便大马成为一个和平与安宁的国家。




就在隔天,内政部长希山坚持,《马来西亚前锋报》 的“基督教列为官方宗教,非马来人成为首相”的报道,确实是有根据。


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