Saturday, June 25, 2011

People met at random 随缘随意遇见

Went to mud-guard workshop this morning to rectify noisy bonnet of my Toyota Vios.

Liew, 42 years old, the hardworking owner, took just a few minutes and some adjustment to solve the problem.

After finishing the repair, he "consulted" me regarding the request of his son, who is in college, to buy a car ...... his son is staying near his college and relying on college shuttle van to go to for classes.

My God, the Liew whom used to call me "Ah Suk (uncle)", and I used to and still do call him " Sai Lo" ( in Cantonnese means small fellow") since his apprentice days 25 years ago, has a 20 years old son in college ....... time flew past really fast !!!

About his son's request to have a car to drive around, this is a common "problem" of many parents with teenage children.

He expressed his concern of a son having a car, driving around with girls ( "my son is very good looking ... like you..." - I liked it ), going places, neglecting study, extra expenses ....

When to give your children a car ..??? No one solution fits all !

I can only share my experience with him .... May be my children are in better position to enlighten him !

今早我去“马甲”厂修理我的 Vios 引擎盖震动及发出杂音的问题。

修理厂非常勤劳的东主阿刘 (42岁),用了数分钟,作出一些调整,问题就解决了。




他分享了内心的忧虑。。。儿子有车之后,到处溜,载女孩子逛街 (“我的儿子长的高大英俊,好像你一样。。很多女孩喜欢他。。” - 我听了当然高兴死了),学业不专心,额外开销等。。。




Adeline said...

Hehe. Yea, it's a sign of freedom to own a car but at the same time, I was also living at home, so everything was under control but I would have partied harder if I had a car and wasn't living at home :-) you should try Mei.. Haha.

Mei said...

Eh? What pushing the buck to me?! I was also staying at home. Anyway, if anyone is up to no good - car or no car they'll still be doing whatever they want to do. Just strike a deal with the son and set basic ground rules, that'll be good enough. Then again, I am such an awesome kid so it depends on each kid.

Simon Phun said...

I should have given each one of you a car at the age of 15... so you can drive away from me far far far away....and let me enjoy my FREEDOM....

mei said...

Should have!! Too late but I want one soon. Hahaha