Saturday, July 9, 2011

Desaru excursion 帝沙鲁郊游

From right: Me, Ronnie (brother in law), mother-in-law, Elaine (Ronnie's wife), Pauline, Susan, father-in-law and Tony.

While ten of thousands of my fellow citizens in Kuala Lumpur rallying for a clean and fair election, I was down south having an outing with my in-laws.

It was a precious occasion my wife and I went out together with my parents in law and brother in law.

It was a hot and sunny day (33 degree C) ..... we made an excursion to Desaru beach and surrounding areas, about 60 kms away from Johor Baru.




Seafood lunch at Sg. Rengit 泗弯港(Sg. Rengit)的美味海鲜

More pictures FACEBOOK 更多照片

Sebana Cove marina

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