Tuesday, August 30, 2011

90th Anniversay 九十周年

快乐 90 周年 !

Happy 90th Anniversary !

On September 7, 1921 at 8:00pm, at a room in Dublin, Ireland, a group of Catholics kneeled around a table decorated with a statue of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, with Rosary in hands, invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit and then reciting the Rosaries. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss how best one can please God and make him loved in his world.

Thus born a great Catholic Lay movement that imparting life and sweetness and hope to the nations - The Legion of Mary.

Today, at Church of the Holy Family, about 1500 Legionaries from Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Melak and Johor, and lay faithful, together with 4 priests, gathered to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of its foundation. Legion of Mary has already spread beyond Ireland, it can be found in every Catholic diocese worldwide.

The celebrations started at 1:30 pm with exhibitions and video on life of its founder, Frank Duff, followed by a Thanksgiving Mass and procession of Our Lady statue. It concluded with a 82-table fellowship dinner at 8:00 pm.

His Grace Archbishop Murphy Pakiam, inspite of his busy schedule, dropped by to address the gathering. Quoting from the Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini - The Word of God in the life and mission of the Church, he highlighted Mary's life as a life lived by the Word and totally shaped by the Word, we too are encouraged to imitate Mary, to enter into the mystery of faith, allowing Jesus comes to dwell in our lives.

He was happy to see so many legionaries gathered in Kajang for this auspicious occasion and expressed his warmest anniversary wishes to this great lay organisation and its members.



今天,在加影的圣家教堂,大约 1500位来自巴生谷地区,槟城,怡保,芙蓉,马 六甲及柔佛的圣母军团员,平信徒及四位神父,集聚一起,欢庆这个组织创立90周年纪念。这个组织,已经传遍全球的每个教区,拥有超过百万人团员。

周年庆典在下午一时半开始,有历史及图片展览,播放创始人杜辉兄弟的生平及圣母军历史录像。下午四时,感恩弥撒开始,由区域团神父阿玛拉神父,前任神师雷孴明神父,加影副本堂彼得神父及主徒会黄大华神父共祭。弥撒过后,圣母态像绕街游行,最后晚上八时,以晚宴结束。当晚宴开82 席,并有来自各地的团员呈现各种现代及民间舞蹈,歌唱,话剧,多姿多彩,大家尽兴而归。

吉隆坡巴吉安总主教在繁忙的国庆日活动中,特地抽空在下午四时抵达加影,向圣母军献上祝贺。他引用了教宗本笃十六世的劝谕 Verbum Domini 『天主圣言在教会的生命及使命』,强调了圣言在圣母的生活的重要,她的生活,就是由圣言所影响。他鼓励军友们也仿效圣母,进入信德的奥妙,让耶稣进驻到我们的生命中。

他很高兴见到这么多的军友到来欢庆这个据历史性的显赫日子,并表达了他对这个 组织及团员们的祝贺与祝福。

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