Friday, September 2, 2011

A matter of interpretation 见仁见智

No manners!

Why all of them showing off their fingers.... single finger?

Got monks, got priests, got people in uniform ..... a cake with Malaysian flag!

OOooooh... a peace prayer gathering on National Day at Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom, Selangor.

Hope they don't do this too often ... especially in Malay culture, pointing finger is rude.

It should be 2 fingers sign for PEACE 。。。。You and me togather...

Not a single finger ..... self only!



有出家人,有神父,有穿制服者 。。。。 还有一个马来西亚国旗蛋糕!

噢噢哦哦 。。。原来是一个国庆日和平祈福集会,地点在仁佳隆的东禅寺。


和平应该是用两个手指 。。。。你和我共缔。。。

不是一根手指 。。。自己一厢情愿 !

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