Friday, September 2, 2011

一封没寄出去的信 An undelivered letter

Dear friends,

How are you? I guessed all of you are well and jolly.

I have visited your mother today, and she was tears welling as always. She has "shrunk" further and her voice was distinctly weaker.

She repeatedly telling me "asking God to take me away, life is no meaning at all". However, she still longing one of you would take her home. She has packed all her belongings in plastic bags and placed them on the bed, so when the day comes, she can leave this place immediately.

I have spoken to her that when she dies, I would not attend her wake, would not attend her funeral .... I have done my part as an old friend, visiting and comforting her when possible. What I do after her death is no importance at all, it is for show to the living only. But deep down in my heart, it is my reluctance to see her filial children "sad faces" at her funeral ......that preventing me to do so.

I understand the difficulties that you children face looking after old people. But visiting her at the old folks home, showing care and concern is least you guys can do, and the only thing she is looking for .... She is feeling being abandoned!

One of the workers told me that, your mother was feeling down and sad whenever she saw visitors coming with food and .....LOVE to see their loved ones.

When I told you guys your mother's feeling and yearning to be home the first time you sent her to a Home, I knew that you all took me as a busy body and trouble maker.

Inspite of our friendship, especially your mother with me, none of you informed me whenever she was sent into a Home or changing of one Home to another.... I am a busy body and trouble maker.

If she were to continue to be "trapped and suffered" in old folks home, I sincerely wish that God would grant her wish .... she is more than 80 years old, and has had enough....

May peace be with you all.





我告诉她,假如真的天主召她回去,我不会去她的灵前悼念,也不会去送殡,也不会流泪。。。因为我于她在生之年,尽了一位朋友对长者关爱之情。人活着做的才是真,死后才做,那是给别人看的,没意思 。。。其实,更主要的原因,是我不要看到你们这些『孝子孝女』那副死后才流露的“真情”。




往后你们再把她送进老人院的时候,你们的兄弟姐妹都不会通知我,转换老人院也不告诉我 。。。免得我给你们麻烦。

假如她仍然还得继续的留在老人院受苦,我的确希望天主垂怜及垂听她的祷告,给她平安的离开这个世界 。。。。80多岁的她,已经是受够了!


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