Friday, August 19, 2011

Sayonara 沙哟娜拉

Kitkat from Tokyo - Washabi, Green tea and Cherry
东京不同风味的Kitkat - 芥辣,绿茶及樱桃

Finally, it is the final episode of our Hokkaido trip. (With video)

When we arrived at Sapporo after almost 2ooo kms of journey, we decided to relax and take things easier .... not more driving but walking to explore the city.

We checked into a hotel right in the middle of a covered pedestrian mall. It stretches over few streets, plenty of shops, restaurants and stalls.... we were spoilt for choice.

The city park of Sapporo is a great place for relaxation.

With fond memory of beautiful places, friendly Japanese people, delicious Japanese food ( I loved Ramen) and fresh seafood, we left Hokkaido with a heavy heart. We were saying aloud to one another... we shall come back again ... may be in autumn ... next year !?!

We made a one night stop at Tokyo, exploring a street in Narita, and left for home on 27/7/2011 ....... Sayonara !

Facebook pictures SAPPORO & TOKYO

Youtube video

Delicious tidbits - dry octopus
香甜小吃 - 八脚鱼丝








27/7/2011 星期三,我们乘搭下午的班机,回到了马来西亚。


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