Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Hokkaido self-drive experience 2 北海道自驾体验

2. Furano & Biei ( with video)

Hokkaido. July. Lavender ... a romantic holiday!

Chan Siew Fong (Mrs. Lee), Tan Le Le, Mr. & Mrs Pun were planing to visit Hokkaido during summer to see the beautiful Lavender fields ... if fact they have already booked their flights and charting a free and easy holiday in Hokkaido by train (Japan Railway).

By accident, I "discovered" their plan and invited to join them.

With six persons, holiday by train has been changed to self-drive on road holiday.

The second destination is Furano and Biei, the highlights of the tour because of the legendary lavender fields and beautiful flowers.

We visited many fields and farms, planted with lavender and other flowers in different design and pattern. It was all free of charge, and parking included!

It was a day of flowers, flowers and flowers !

We saw couple from Hong Kong came here to take their bridal photograph!

Biei is a small town voted as the most beautiful village in Japan. (I think the definition of village is different from ours).

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Left 左:
Chan Siew Fong
Tan Le Le

Mr. & Mrs Pun

2. 富良野及美瑛 (备用录影










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