Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Southern Integrated Terminal 新的南部巴士总站

This morning, we sent our parents to the new Southern Integrated Terminal (Terminal Bersapadu Selatan ) to board an 11:00 am bus home.

The new bus terminal serving southern region was opened in January 2011. This was the first time we came to this terminal and were in awe by its spaciousness and modern facilities.

It is like an airport with a main lobby , franks by departure and arrival hall. There is an electronic board showing the departure time of buses to various destinations.

The terminal is situated at Tasik Selatan connected to the Tasik Selantan Train Station by a pedestrian bridge.

今天早上,我们载送了岳父母到刚启用的南部综合车站 (Terminal Bersapadu Selatan),乘搭十一时的巴士回家。

这个车站在今年的一月开始启用,转为南部的巴士服务使用。我们是第一次到来。 这车站的宽敞及现代设备,令我们惊讶。



Dropping off 下车处

Main lobby 大厅

Arriving bays 巴士抵达下车处

Connected to Tasik Selatan Train station

Boarding lounge

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