Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hokkaido self drive experience 3 北海道自驾假期体验

3. Patchwork Road & Daisetsuzan National Park (with video)

From Asahikawa to Furano, there are 2 routes to travel - The national road and the scenic roads - The Panoramic Road and The Patchwork Road.

We took the scenic roads.

From Furano to Biei, it is called the Panoramic Road. We have seen all the beautiful lavender and flowers fields.

On the third day, we took the Patchwork Road, starting after Asahikawa Airport to Biei.

It is so called patchwork because of the difference in crops planted and in different colors and shades - wheat, potatoes, radish and many many trees!

The many scenes in Mild Seven cigarettes advertisement taken from this area has made many trees famous.

A Poplar tree which has appeared in a movie was named after the characters in that movie - Ken & Mary.

A small tree stands in between two bigger trees was named Parent and Child Trees ....

Very clever tourism promotion ... and very successful one too....

Thanks to prior research by Tan Le Lee and Chan Siew Fong, a list of destinations has been prepared. Daisetsuzan National Park was our next place of visit.

Day in Hokkaido dawned at about 4:00 am. By seven, we were ready to go out ... and usually, returned well after 7 or 8:00 pm.

Tonight, we decided to have Japanese Ramen as dinner at Ramen Village, Asahikawa.

A bowl of sizzling hot Ramen was all we needed after a long long day ...delicious and Oishi dese !!

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3. 锦拼(拼布)之路,大雪山国家公园 (备有录影)

从旭川到富良野,有两条路线可以选择:国道,或者是风景线 - 广视野路线及锦拼路线。




日本Mild Seven 香烟的广告,因为在此取景,使到这里好多树木也因此而成名。








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