Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kick the bastards

“Please quickly furnish proof of this claim so that Christians can take the appropriate corrective action and tender the requisite apologies, or do the obverse which is demand that an apology be issued for false accusation,” said Bishop Paul Tan in remarks made to Malaysiakini. Bishop Paul Tan is also the current president of the Conference of Bishops in Malaysia.

His remarks are in response to the latest senseless and controversial act of raiding a charity dinner organised by Methodist church in Petaling Jaya by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais - Selangor Islamic Department).

The so called "moral police and protectors of Islam" has acted without any warrant, proof and reason.

Hassan Ali, the executive councillor of Selangor state government in which Jais is under his purview, said that there were evidence
of proselytising. According to him, 12 Muslims attended this dinner.

Malaysia Aid Council has issued a statement clarified that the multiracial charity dinner was a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS support programmes.

Many political leaders, NGOs, church leaders demanded an explanation and apology from Jais.

Let us stand united to protect our constitutional right and demand strongly to find truth and justice for the brazen act of certain irrational “shit brains".

People of all religions, please stand together to ward off fanatic morons who constantly under the pretext of Islam, using cooked up plots to harass and embaress others; and for personal gains, destroying the racial and religious harmony of our country.

Let's KTB - Kick the bastards!!!

Message on my Facebook's wall:

To the Mentri Besar & the state government of Selangor: Please find the truth and justice for the brazen & senseless raid on a charity dinner at the compound of a Methodist church by its Jais (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor) .... We demand truth and justice !! Otherwise, we the people will kick your ass and kick you out !!!!

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