Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ave Ave Brunei 万福万福汶莱 2

Our trip to Brunei was filled with fun and thrill.

Plenty of fun because of many activities and meeting many new friends. We enjoyed their company and hospitality.

We were thrill to visit quite a number of places and local homes. Kuala Lurah (KL), a border town, was one of them. Brunei residence can just drive to KL check point, clear Immigration, 200 meters into Malaysia border, many duty free shops, cafe and bars awaiting you!

One can do some shopping including liquor, have a hearty and delicious seafood meal, and .... return to Brunei!

Surprisingly, you are allow to bring into Brunei 2 litres of liquor, 12 cans of beer every 48 hours!
No wonder on flight back to Kuala Lumpur, I saw a Blangadeshi migrant worker asking for whiskey ... then beer ...!

We enjoyed a boat ride (water taxi) to Water Village even under mid-day hot sun. I found my self badly sunburned after the trip.

Unbelievingly, just 20 minutes boat ride to a nearby Mangrove swamp, we were able to see many Proboscis monkeys in their habitats!

Too many pictures, too many tales ... please see pictures at FACEBOOK and video at YOUTUBE.



边界小镇 Kuala Lurah (KL) 使我们大开眼界。我们驾车到了KL,过了两国的关卡,进入不到二百米的马来西亚领土,就有免税购物,酒吧,餐馆等待着我们。


汶莱居民可以每48 小时,就可以带进汶莱两公升的酒类,12 罐的啤酒!难怪我在回程的航班中,见到孟加拉藉的回国外劳,也会讨酒喝,而且是讨了威士忌,再讨啤酒!(孟加拉是个回教国)



太多照片,太多故事 。。。请参看面子书照片,及YOUTUBE 录像

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