Friday, October 28, 2011

Mulu Adventures 姆鲁探幽 1

I thank God for being able to re-visit Mulu Caves.

After my knee operation, I have gained confidence to scale the steps and passage of Mulu Caves.

Moreover, I have promised many people that I would bring them to Mulu Caves, my wife being one of them.

On 19/10/2011,I set foot again on Mulu Caves with my wife, fulfilling my promise made to her 18 years ago ! With us was Paul Yong, a Bruneian friend. Praise and Glory to God.

Gunong Mulu National Park consists of 4 world renowned show caves open to visitors:

1. Lang Cave,
2. Deer Cave - The world largest cave passage in the world.
3. Wind Cave
4. Clear Water Cave- The largest single cave in the world. (overall volume)

Another geological wonder, The Sarawak Chamber, is know as the world largest underground chamber (can hold 40 jumbo jets). It is not open to public.

We left Bandar Seri Begawan on 19/10/2011 at 5:30 am for Miri. We took a 9:30 flight at Miri Airport to Mulu which took 30 minutes only.

We checked into Royal Mulu Resort, a sprawling complex in the middle of tropical rain-forest.

Our programme started in the afternoon with a 3-km plank walk to visit Lang Cave and Deer Cave.

Due to rain in the evening, we were not able to see the spectacular flying out of bats from Deer Cave.

The return journey and caves exploration was about 9 kms.

Please see pictures in Facebook and Video in Youtube (Lang Cave & Deer Cave)






1. 狼洞 (Lang Cave)。
2. 鹿洞 (Deer Cave) - 拥有世界最宽的步行道。
3. 风洞 (Wind Cave)
4. 清水洞(Clear water Cave) -全世界最大的洞(体积)。

在这公园里,还有一个世界最大的地下内室洞,砂劳越内室洞,能够容纳四十架波音747 飞机。 目前还不开放给公众,只给洞穴探险者进入。






请点击此观看面子书相片Youtube 录影 (狼洞及鹿洞)

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Pauline said...

I thank Anthony Wong not only for arranging Paul Yong to drive over to Miri and to accompany us to Muli Caves but taking care of everything from meeting up with friends, old and new and even food. Thank you one and all for our memorable stay in Brunei. God.bless all of you.