Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mulu Adventures 姆鲁探幽 2

The itinerary for Mulu visitors basically, are the same.

First day to cover Lang caves and Deer cave, and second day covers Wind Cave and Clearwater cave.... ending with a splash in the clear water river. It can be done in a 3D2N or 2D1N tour.

We are on a 3D2N (3days 2 nights) tour. On second day, we headed out in the morning for Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave.

The 30 minutes boat ride on the Melinau river was a great pleasure and enjoyment. We stopped at a Penan settlement for a walkabout and handicraft shopping. Most of the 400-plus inhabitants of the Mulu Caves area are Penan, the other is Berawan tribe.

Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Clearwater Cave is famed as the largest cave in the world.

On the third day morning, we climbed up to a small hill opposite the resort. The view is breathtaking ... we can see the whole resort and a view of the Mulu Caves complex.

We left Mulu on a noon flight for Miri, and were back to Bandar Seri Begawan of Brunei at about 5:30 pm.

Enroute, we stopped by to look at the Nodding Donkey at Seria oil field which are operated by British Shell Petroleum in Brunei.

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