Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ave Ave Brunei 万福万福汶莱 1

From right: Anthony, Luke and Paul

The flight from KL to Brunei took two hours fifteen minutes.

On board the MAS flight, more than 60 Bangladeshi were on KL transit, taking the same flight to Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of Brunei. We witnessed the migration of people first hand.

The Immigration officers were quite blunt to their body odor and ordered many of them, ignorant and frightened, to keep a distance of a few feet while processing their visa. Many of them were ordered to leave the queue because of incomplete forms.

After collecting our luggage, we were met by old friends Anthony Wong, Paul Yong, Luke Lau and Francis Jong at the Exit. With cameras flashing, handshaking, I was overwhelmed by their high profile welcome accorded to us. In fact many bystanders thought they were seeing the arrival of VIPs !

VIPs we were not, but surely being treated as one …. Paul Yong has been “assigned ” to be our personal chauffeur, photographer and guide.

Being the month of the Rosary, it is also the tradition here to pray the rosaries house to house nightly. We were blessed to join the community for Rosary the very first night upon our arrival. I met many old acquaintances, and also Facebook friends for the first time especially Johnny and Anna.

And giving thanks and gratefulness to God, today I have fulfilled my promise to my wife about 18 years ago …… a visit to Brunei with her !

Assumption Cathedral

Riverside market





我们不是大人物,但所受的接待,确实是如大人物般 。。。 杨永平(Paul Yong )受“委任”为我们的个人司机,摄影师及导游!

十月是玫瑰经月,汶莱教友也不例外的每晚都到不同家庭诵念玫瑰经。我真的有福,第一天到汶莱,就能够参加他们的家庭玫瑰经了。 我见到了好多位旧相识,也和『面子书』的新朋友第一次见面。

我也非常感恩及感谢天主,今天我对太太约十八年前的许诺,得以实现 。。。带她到汶莱游玩!

Family Rosary

Cosy hotel lobby

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